Blackbeard's Point

Silver Rum

The Legend:

In 1718, Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood ordered Navy Commander Lieutenant Robert Maynard to capture or kill the infamous Blackbeard after years of piracy on the eastern seaboard.  After battling Blackbeard and his crew off Ocracoke Island, Lt. Maynard and his soldiers killed and beheaded Blackbeard.  Maynard’s crew hung Blackbeard’s severed head from the bow of their ship as they sailed to Hampton, Virginia.  Upon Lt. Maynard’s return to Hampton, he and his crew presented Governor Alexander Spotswood with Blackbeard’s head.  As a warning to others who may be tempted by piracy, the severed head was placed upon a stake at the mouth of the Hampton River at the location known as Blackbeard’s Point.

The Spirit:

Let BLACKBEARD’S POINT Silver Rum take you back to the legendary slaying of Blackbeard, as ordered by Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood in 1718.  In the days where Rum and swashbuckling went hand-in-hand, even the most scrupulous of pirates would be pleased by the clean, sweet, and smooth taste of BLACKBEARD’S POINT Silver Rum. 

BLACKBEARD’S POINT Silver Rum is a small-batch handcrafted premium Rum distilled by Blue Sky Distillery in Smithfield, Virginia.  With a sip, you will experience the sweet background of the premium molasses used in it's making, and the clean, smooth finish.  Enjoy BLACKBEARD’S POINT Silver Rum with your favorite mixer, straight, or on the rocks.

BLACKBEARD’S POINT Silver Rum has attained the "Virginia Finest" seal from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to signify a top quality Virginia product.


BLACKBEARD’S POINT Silver Rum is available at our Distillery Store in Smithfield, VA and in many ABC Stores in the state of Virginia.  If your local ABC store does not have it, ask them to order ABC Product #46058 for you.  The price is $24.79 per 750ml bottle. 

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