The Background:

Back in the "hot rod" and "muscle car" era in the 1950's and 1960's, a popular performance upgrade was to add three 2-barrel carburetors to the engine.  While Edelbrock originally developed the first intake manifold for this 3x2 carburetor upgrade, the basic setup was often referred to as a "Triple Deuce". 


The Spirit:

"Rev" up your engine with TRIPLE DEUCE Whiskey!!  This whiskey has a smooth and delicious taste like no other.  TRIPLE DEUCE Whiskey is a "grain-to-glass" spirit developed from local Virginia wheat​ and aged with American Oak to produce a velvety smooth taste.  This whiskey tastes great neat, on ice, or with your favorite whiskey mixers. 


TRIPLE DEUCE Whiskey has attained the "Virginia Finest" seal from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to signify a top quality Virginia product.


TRIPLE DEUCE Whiskey is available for purchase at our Distillery Store in Smithfield, VA and at select ABC stores in Virginia.  If your local ABC store does not have it, ask them to order ABC Product #28199 for you.  The price is $27.79 per 750ml bottle.

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